About Dyfi Distillery

After two years of intensive research and experimentation, the Cameron brothers opened Dyfi Distillery in March 2016.

Pete Cameron is a hill farmer, forager, and beekeeper. He has lived and worked in the Dyfi region for over 30 years.

Danny Cameron is a highly experienced wine and spirits professional, and a regular judge at the prestigious Decanter World Wine Awards.

The basis of our work is a sustainable blend of nature, science and family. For us, sustainability not only means respecting our fragile environment (which here in Dyfi is additionally protected by UNESCO), but also creating world-class gins so our small family business contributes to our local rural economy.

Pete & Danny Cameron, Gin Distillers
The Original Dyfi Distillery Gin Stills

Between 2016 and early 2019, we distilled in very small batches using two small 100-litre stills. After looking at options from all over the world, our preference lay with a specialist still maker in Colorado.  We further customized the stills after shipping, so we could challenge one or two conventions, whilst respecting the best of tradition.

The result was what one commentator called precision-distilling. We developed and adapted techniques which allowed for maximum control over maceration temperatures, variable copper contact for distillation and much more besides. 

In 2017, Pollination Gin won the Best British Gin trophy at the Great British Food awards, and Hibernation Gin was awarded Best New Gin by The Independent. In 2018, our Dyfi Original again took the Best British Gin trophy, making us the only distillery to win this for a second time. You might have also come across us in many newspaper and magazine articles, and appearances on television and radio.

Kate Humble & Pete the Distiller enjoying a G&T
New Still at Dyfi Distillery

Early in 2018, we spent time with another family firm: in this case specialist small still-makers in Germany's Black Forest. We wanted to introduce a new still which combined the craft of traditional manufacture, but adapted to all we had learned about producing foraged-led distillates. After a year of design and build, we installed this bespoke 'total control system' still.

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