A Dovey Native Botanical Gin

Its a bit of a fundamental question, but what defines the things which provide us with our finest memories? And when might that have something we eat or drink at the very heart of it? It goes without saying that our palates are made up of our experiences, and so each and every one of us has a unique sense of what is a good (or bad!) taste. But it doesn't end there: our emotions can be stirred further. And for us, after absolute quality, a genuine sense of place tops the list. Our food and drink is just so much more fascinating when it can be linked to a particular place of origin. And our own example is a Dovey Native Botanical Gin (which is a current UKGI application) called Pollination (or Dyfi Gin if you are enjoying this in the USA). If we were just one valley away from where we are, it would taste quite different, as the majority of the plant materials used in the distillation are sustainably foraged from native species which are adapted to the Dyfi microclimate, topography and soils we have here. It simply couldn't come from anywhere else. Pollination Gin has been the recipient of many national and international awards, and the highest praise from some of the most experienced industry commentators. We know this isn't how gin is normally done, but as the old saying goes, an apple is a wonderful thing until you have tasted a peach.
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